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October 9, 2009

This has been my first full week of vegan at work. It has given me a week of temptations, or maybe I just didn’t realize how much non-vegan food I was eating, particularly in the workplace. Here are the details:

Tuesday: Coworkers offer me donuts and danishes from a very reputable local bakery (@ 12:15, fifteen minutes after I enter the door); fresh hot, vegetable and cheese pizza (@7:00, an hour before I had to leave, but well after I’d begun to get hungry for dinner); butter-laden baklava and feta-rich eggplant moussaka (@ 7:30, just as I was getting hungrier)

Wednesday: Discover two, still warm handmade pies (apple and blueberry with an all butter crust) from a friend of my workplace on my absent coworker’s desk (@3:00, the munchie hour, two hours before I leave)

Thursday: Pretty much in the clear, except more pie pressure

Friday: Coworkers’ Polish food take out for lunch, including some yummy-looking cheese blintzes and potato pierogies. Had delicious leftover pumpkin pasta to eat and combat food envy. Plus, I was able to share in some of the beets they ordered.

Next week’s challenge: Field trip to Restoration Works window restorers, which involves lunch with the president at the best pizza place in Kankakee.

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