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Marathon Brunch Party

October 11, 2009

As 45,000 runners passed on the Chicago Marathon track, eight of us gathered to cheer them on while dining on delicious vegan brunch fare served up by chefshuggieotis and dj earthtones. The menu included some killer tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, radishes, coffee, AND tempeh bacon that was marinated in soy sauce, maple syrup, and veggie stock for over an hour (even before the early 7:30 start time for the brunch and the runners). Everyone brought a little something, including some perfect mimosa fixins’, handpressed (!) hot apple cider, and homemade rye bread that makes me think we are definitely missing out by not having a breadmaker. Jason and I brought along a golden beet carrot cake and a dvd of the webisode to share.

What a fun way to start the day. Left very full of food + friendship and inspired by those folks who force train their body to endure the challenge of 26.2!

On to party #2 of the day soon, after I finish a quick shift on the ref desk. A librarian’s work is never done..

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