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Candy, candy, candy, candy

October 13, 2009

Decorating, picking pumpkins to carve & watching lots of cheesy horror flicks like Phantasm (scary), Dawn of the Dead (quality), Zombieland (see it).

We are looking forward to Halloween festivities like Nina + Nate’s costume bash (where the party is not over until the smoke machine is out of juice), one more backyard movie night, and MOST OF ALL answering the door for all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

What Halloween candy to buy for the trick-or-treaters can be quite a dilema. There’s always the issue of when to buy it. If you get it too soon, you are just gonna eat it and have to get more! Then the closer to Halloween you buy the candy the higher the prices at the store.

Being vegan/vegetarian adds a challenge of finding treats that the kids will enjoy and fit your lifestyle as well. In the past we have gone with non-vegan classics like m&ms, Three Musketeers and the like. This year NO! Reading labels is something we are used to, but candy labels are crazy! So many chemicals and hidden animal products.

Main animal based culprits to watch out for: gelatin (nasty boiled bones, cartilage, skulls & goo), milk & whey. Most gummy treats contain gelatin and the common chocolate treats are out for containing dairy.

Don’t fret, there are vegan friendly options! It’s still candy and will rot your teeth out… but vegan!

Our favorite vegan trick-or-treats
You could go with Dum-Dums. Even though I enjoy the butterscotch and root beer flavors, kids could retaliate upon recieveing these. Dum-Dums remind me of a doctor’s office or something a very old person would give you. The winner in our household is hands down Dots. LOVE Dots. There are some new flavors this year for Halloween too! Our landlord is a big fan of Mike and Ikes, which I also like. Think Dots with a crunchy outer shell. Swedish Fish are also enjoyable for a chewy gummy treat. Even better for Chicagoans, support local business Ferrara Pan Candy Co. with treats Atomic Fireballs & Lemonheads. The WTTW show Wild Chicago went there once and got the low down on the making of these, see video below.

So trick and treat, but beware. Peta has a nice list of vegan candy courtesy of Elvira.

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