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Mashed Potato Fritters

January 6, 2010

We love eating potatoes! Because of our combined potato eating abilities, we always make more than needed for fear there will not be enough. No worries…the leftovers always get eaten (often by the end of the night). On the occasion there are leftover mashed potatoes we have many ways to reinvent them. Last season we showed you how to make our favorite Vegan Potato Dumplings.

Now we present you with Mashed Potato Fritters! Imagine if Tater-Tots and Potato Pancakes bred and had a home-cooked offspring. These fritters were easy to make and easily devoured for breakfast. Remember to put your coats in the bedroom and close the door or you will smell like a greasy spoon all week!

Mashed Potato Fritters
-Recipe makes a dozen or so-

4-5 cups Mashed Potatoes
1 small chopped onion (more/less to taste – I used red onion)
1 cup AP flour
½ cup Cornmeal
1 tsp. Garlic powder
½ tsp paprika
Veggie oil

Put your mashed potatoes and chopped onion in a large bowl. Add a generous dose of black pepper and re-mash mixture. Take spoonfuls of your potato mixture and form into thick discs. Let rest on a plate while you prepare the batter and fry oil.

In another bowl mix the flour, cornmeal, garlic powder, paprika, and S&P. Whisk together while adding cool water. Add water slowly until you have a dip-able semi-thick batter (similar to the consistancy of pancake batter).

Heat an inch of oil in a heavy bottomed fry pan, skillet or pot over medium-high heat. Drop a few salt granules into oil to test if it is hot enough. If they sizzle/bubble, it’s ready.

Dip the potatoes into the batter (some are going to break but they are good any size!) and quickly/very carefully set them into the hot oil. Try not to over crowd the pan and fry them on each side for 3 minutes (or until they are golden brown). Drain on paper towels, salt, and repeat until you’re out of potatoes or batter.

Serve with anything day or night! We tried ketchup and horseradish! Mmmmmmm! So good!

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