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The Vegetarian Librarian is an online DIY vegan cooking show created by husband/wife team Kelly Reiss and Jason Waclawik.

Since the project began in 2008 we have filmed 37 unique webisodes, each featuring a single vegan recipe. Our food is a mix of original concoctions, family favorites, and recipes inspired by our favorite cookbooks. Although the recipes provide a natural script, the dialogue is mostly improvised and many plot twists and turns are found in the webisodes. The cooking takes place in our Chicago apartment. As our excitement for this project continues to grow so does the fun in the kitchen. Much more to come!


We have also had the pleasure of hosting many guests to lend a hand in the kitchen: friends and neighbors, local bands, fellow vegetarian librarians, and of course, our cats Molly and Boo.

Other Adventures

As well as showcasing our webisodes, is an active blog where we post recipes, pictures, upcoming events, product and restaurant reviews, and more. We also love taking our show on the road. VL went LIVE in front of a welcoming audience at Chicago’s Salon Miniscule in our two-part pizza series, participated in two very fun Soup and Bread events at the Hideout, was projected on the side of a house at the Hewhocorrupts film night, and exhibited at the Chicago Underground Library’s (now Read/Write Library) Science of Obscurity fair and the Milwaukee Zine Fest. In July 2009, we debuted our very first recipe zine, sized 3x5in to fit in your recipe box. In December 2009, Kelly had her “Spring Soup” recipe published in the Soup and Bread Cookbook!

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