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The inaugural season of the VL covers some of the basics of vegan food. We make seitan, veggie broth, and some familiar desserts like lemon bars and pumpkin pie made vegan-style. Adventures include kitchen guests like Tommy Camaro of Hewhocorrupts Inc., fellow vegetarian librarian Lisa, Chicago bands Lasers + Fast + S*** and The Scissors, and some special friends for a vegan Thanksgiving feast! Season 1 also debuts the VL theme song (written and performed by Strawberry Horsecake) and the patented no-look cooking technique!

WATCH THE SEASON 1 VIDEOS: Seitan // Fried Green Tomatoes // Rustic Pasta Sauce // Sangria // Apple Pie // Lentil Soup // Vegan Donuts // Pizza Dough // Pizza Live // Lemon Bars // Halloween Tip // Pot Pie // Veggie Broth // Cranberry Sauce // Stuffing // Pumpkin Pie // TOFUrkey Dinner // Chocolate Strawberry Horsecake // Auntie Margie’s Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

The second season of the VL continues as we craft delicious meals of soups, rice dishes, main dishes and sides. But our imaginations run wild, giving rise to a zombie attack, newlywed games, travels in St. Louis, a farm visit for ingredients straight from the source, and interpretations of the classic works of the Christmas Carol and Master of Profits HWC video. Our guests for Season 2 include farmer Kim Marsin of Sweet Home Organics, the Pancake Master of Pancake Productions, our favorite neighbors Chris and Pat Mallin, and Chicago band The Sleepovers.

WATCH THE SEASON 2 VIDEOS: Potato Dumplings // Triple-B Pancakes // Spring Soup // MASTER OF ENGLISH MUFFINS // Cucumber Salad // Gazpacho // Jerusalem Salad // Golden Beet Carrot Cake // Gumbo Zombies // BBQ Seitan Ribs + Green Beans w Roasted Shallots // Sofrito Rice + Black Bean Hash // Clementine Cookies // Hoppin’ John

SEASON 2 BONUS VIDEOS: Gumbo Zombies Trailer // Gumbo Zombies Director’s Cut

The third season’s four webisodes pack in a lot of fun and great food. We make stew on a subzero campout while watching an indie film and dodging lobsters, welcome the band Locks (and their doppelgangers) into the kitchen for a delicious vegan take on mac and cheese, and bake eggplant patties, our most popular recipe to date! Season 3 also features some key performances from VL bestie Rich Salamander.

WATCH THE SEASON 3 VIDEOS: Vegan Mac & ‘Cheese’ // Baked Eggplant Patties // Vegan Philly Cheesesteak // Campfire Stew

SEASON 3 BONUS VIDEO: Hideout Soup and Bread Commercial // Teese Delivery

WATCH THE SEASON 4 VIDEOS: X-treme Banana Bread

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