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Pizza LIVE @ salon miniscule

RECIPE – PIzza Toppings
The Vegetarian Librarian

Pizza 1: oil crust, tomato slices, basil leaves, fresh mozzarella (THE ONLY NON-VEGAN THING ON THIS SITE)
Pizza 2: oil crust, spread with tomato paste, tofu cheese, green peppers
Pizza 3: oil crust, spread with tomato paste, soy sausages, sliced mushrooms, pre-sautéed spinach


The pizza crust recipe comes from my favorite cookbook, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman, Double B Publishing, Inc. 2007.

For part one of this two part video: Pizza Crust

Pizza FAQs

What if I like my pizza crusts extra crispy?
I hear that a pizza stone (a large, edgeless terracotta pan) works really well at crisping crusts, but I don’t have one. I remove the pizzas from the cookie sheet when they are almost done and cook directly on the oven rack for a minute or two. This can be a little tricky with a larger pizza. The last one I made ended up all over the oven!

How do you make tofu cheese?
Take some drained tofu and mash it up with garlic, seasonings, sea salt and a generous helping of nutritional yeast flakes. This also makes an awesome topping for baked pasta.

How did you make the soy sausages?
Add garlic, a little olive oil, oregano, basil, and fennel to Gimme Lean breakfast sausage. Form into small patties. Fry in olive oil on high heat until both sides of the sausages brown. Since the filming of this webisode we have learned to make our own from scratch with wheat gluten for an even more rewarding experience.

Who provided that awesome music at the Salon?

I was thrilled to have my good friend Mike Perkins join me. He is currently very interested in mixed media musical ventures. He also did the music for the Apple Pie webisode!

What is Salon Miniscule?
An intimate gathering filled with music, art, ideas and fun with two of the nicest, coolest hosts around!

Who were those folks helping you make pizza?

My friend and fellow librarian Lisa helped make the dough. And my two brave volunteers were Brett and Tracy.

Our awesome friend Graham helped us out with camera 2 in this episode which was lent to us by awesome friend Joe.

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