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The seitan recipe comes from my favorite cookbook, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman, Double B Publishing, Inc. 2007.

RECIPE – BBQ Seitan Skewers
The Vegetarian Librarian

2 Red Peppers (cut in large chunks)
2 Vidalia Onions (quartered)
2 funny shaped zucchinis
or whatever veggies you like/have in fridge

Mix in bowl with a marinade of your choice. In this webisode I used a mixture of:

Olive oil
Sesame oil
fresh garlic
ginger paste
hot mustard
sea salt & pepper to taste

Really, anything will do! When ready, cut up the seitan, mix in with veggies and marinade, skewer and grill for 5-10 minutes on each side. A good indicator of when your veggies are done is when they are tender and have some quality grill marks.

You could also do this in your broiler or just skip the skewering and throw it in a frying pan or wok.


Do I need a mixer?
No, just increase the mixing time a bit.

What can I do to the simmering liquid?
Whatever you like. Add garlic, onions or substitute veggie broth for the water/tamari mix. You can also add seasonings, like chili or garlic powder, to the vital wheat gluten before mixing up the seitan.

I’m out of propane, too. Do i have to BBQ it?
No way! The possiblities are endless. Sloppy joes, fajitas, stir fries, homemade tofurkeys, etc.

What’s that awesome music?

One of my faves, Strawberry Horsecake. I often listen to them in the kitchen.

How many times have you made seitan?
This was my first time and it won’t be my last! REMEMBER–23 grams of protein per serving.

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