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Veggie Broth

RECIPE – Veggie Broth
The Vegetarian Librarian

12 cups of water
4 stalks of celery
2 potatoes
4 carrots
2 onions
a handful of garlic cloves
Stems or stems and leaves of a bunch of parsley
Sea Salt
2 bay leafs

Wash veggies thoroughly, but don’t bother to peel the onion or garlic. Chop vegetables in large chunks and add to water. Throw in a few peppercorns, 2 bay leafs and a good amount of sea salt (perhaps a teaspoon). Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and vent. Simmer for at least an hour. Strain vegetables and you are left with your stock. Use now or freeze to use later.


Why don’t you peel the garlic and onion?
This makes the recipe even easier! The skins add another layer to the flavor. However, I used ORGANIC varieties. You should peel the onions and garlic if they are not organic.

Potatoes? Really?
Yep. The potato and skins will add flavor but will also thicken the stock slightly. The flavors then have something to cling to as potato starch dissolves into the water.

What happens if you don’t simmer the stock for an hour?
The stock won’t be as flavorful. At least a half hour is essential, but you can simmer for two hours if you like. Cracking a window or a door near the stove can help draw out some of the soup smell that tends to linger. I also like orange citrus odor neutralizer that I’ve seen at Jewel and Trader Joes. It’s not like an air freshener, which I can’t tolerate!

Why go through the trouble to make stock? Can’t you just use water or one of those cubes of bouillon?
If you don’t have homemade stock, you generally can use either water or a mixture of water and bouillon. But if you have the time, homemade makes a difference. It cuts down on scary unknown ingredients you may be including with bouillon. And it’s pretty easy, just takes some time.

I thought you needed to sauté the veggies before making the broth?
You can do that in some olive oil to add another layer of flavor. You can also use variations on the vegetables you use for the stock. I recommend always using onion and garlic. However, adding mushrooms or the greens from carrots can be good, or subbing parsnips for carrots, or turnips for potatoes are all options and different flavors!

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